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Secret Forest

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Relax, Refresh & Rejuvenate

Welcome to the spa of the Secret Forest, a place where Health & Wellness meet.

Here you will be able to enjoy a variety of unique treatments that relax the body and mind. We invite you to take advantage of the health pools that draw their water from the mineral-rich sulphur springs of the St. Anastasia spring.

We hope you will have a pleasant renewal experience.


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Water Treatments

Slimming body treatments

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Body warps

Body peel

Wellness & SPA experience

At the heart of the Secret Forest is the Wellness House that encloses 3 pools which are supplied with unique and rare spring waters,  rich in minerals which are drawn from 100 metres deep in the earth.  

Immersion in these mineral sulphur waters help with physiological changes in the body, such as an increase in heart output, skin rejuvenation, increased production of endorphins,  the flexibility of the joints, elimination of toxins and so many more benefits that contribute greatly to the health of the mind, body & skin.


What you need to know: 


The 3 indoor sulphur pools are not for swimming and entering the pools must be coordinated with the spa reception only once a health assessment form has been completed.  Each guest is entitled to a 45 minutes daily session which is 15 minutes in each pool.  

The facilities that are at your disposal:

Herbal Steam room, Dry Sauna & Exercise machines

Natural European cosmetics

20 innovative treatment and massage rooms for dedicated and unique treatments.

Hot pool in nature

Training studio for yoga, Pilates, Qigong and other fitness and wellness activities.

Relaxation room with amazing view

We ask that the volume remain at a minimum so that  all our guests are able to fully benefit from their wellness and rejuvenation spa experience. 


We also advise that you bring warm clothing during winter in order to maintain body heat after the various treatments. 


Towels, slippers are all provided at the reception.