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Secret Forest


Secret Forest

a Space for Renewal

In the mountains of Cyprus

Secret Forest

The Secret Forest is a unique space in the mountains of Cyprus, surrounded by wild nature and mineral springs, allowing a respite from your routine combined with a holistic experience of health; recharging body and mind with clean energy that brings about regeneration.

The rejuvenation experience includes:

A daily wellness program, guided walks in the forest, in-depth workshops with leading facilitators, discussion and sharing circles, pampering healing baths in the largest spa complex in the Mediterranean Sea, and all this is accompanied by a culinary experience based on a healthy and colorful menu, rich in fresh local ingredients with an emphasis on a ‘Farm to Table’ experience.

The Secret Forest is located in the mountains above the city of Paphos on the island of Cyprus, a 40 minutes drive from the airport. Overlooking it is a small centuries-old village surrounded by a nature reserve with a primordial landscape, a stream of living water, citrus groves, almond trees and natural mineral springs.


The experience in the ‘Secret Forest’ is different from any hotel or standard accommodation;

A 360 degree rejuvenation experience in nature with a warm and happy home atmosphere

Are you ready
for a transformation?

The possibility of renewal is life’s secret

Renewal is the difference between living life and experiencing it fully, or passing it by with a feeling of missing out and being unsatisfied. Everything suffers from wear and tear and the attestation of life is the ability of renewal.

We at Secret Forest believe that the direct connection to nature that occurs in our space, combined with the daily programs that include a holistic experience for the body and soul, the deepening workshops, the meetings and the discourse circles, the healthy food, the professional accompaniment and the change of the routine and the lifestyle, stimulate a real inner renewal, renew and strengthen the passion and the love of life.

“For the tree of the field is man”

Our logo reminds us that every human – just like every tree – has a unique fingerprint in the universe.

The disconnection from our daily routine, change of habits, connecting to nature and the sojourn in open space combined with breathing pure air in a silent setting, allows for the peeling and shedding of inner layers and meeting with our core – the inner seed that is unique to us – that strives to renew itself.

The experience at the spa too is not just a treat but designed to allow the regeneration of skin cells as part of the renewal of the body, in parallel with the rejuvenating and relaxation of the mind.

What is included with your accommodation?

The accommodation is based on a rich full board that includes 2 buffet meals a day, wine from the local cellar, healthy smoothies, and tea infusions. The Cypriot and Israeli staff are like family hosting with a constant smile and love for every guest.

In the living room you can take a book from the library, relax in front of the burning fireplace and enjoy a shared inviting space for conversation, music, creating new connections and acquaintances. At the bar you can ask for a natural smoothie in the morning and a cheerful wine in the evening.

The space has 61 double rooms and pampering suites, with large windows and balconies overlooking a fresh-green landscape, allowing merging with nature. Mineral water from a source that is healthy for drinking flows constantly from the taps.

In addition, the area includes 7 villas built from wood and stone with a private pool and jacuzzi.

At the heart of the area you will find the largest spa and wellness complex in the Middle East (about 3,000 square meters), with three hot and large pools with currents of curative sulfur water flowing from thermal mineral springs originating from the depths of the earth. They are known to have healing properties for the skin, body and digestive system. The complex is equipped with innovative and advanced apparatus and offers a rich variety of pampering body treatments.

Outside the spa complex, under the dome of the sky, there is a heated swimming pool that merges with nature and inspires peace and calm.

The regeneration process

The renewal begins with the creation of a new and different routine for our guests.

During the day you can experience a variety of health and wellness activities led by our professional team – Europeans and Israelis – living in the nearby village.

The morning begins with meditation, yoga and breathing exercises in front of the green nature and extends into workshops and energetic sports training.

In the afternoon we will go for a guided walk in the forest that combines getting to know and gathering the plants of the area, or those who prefer can indulge in customized spa treatments to relax their body and mind.

In the evening we will gather for discussion and empowerment circles, practice meditation, listen to a mentor or watch an inspiring movie.

At the same time, in-depth workshops and a unique program are held every week with guest facilitators – leaders in their fields with a variety of content: mindfulness, abundance consciousness, creative writing, natural nutrition, sustainability, reversing, Wim Hoff (The Iceman), movement, art, music performances, artist meetings and more.

The culinary experience: Delicious, healthy, natural and local

The cuisine is kosher ‘Paskintri’ dairy, a rich Mediterranean menu in the ‘Levantine’ style that includes fresh fish, goat cheeses, organic vegetables, fine olive oil and homemade dips.

Our chef chooses local crops from the area’s garden or from the local farmers and the menu is based on the principle of the farm-to-plate experience. The combination of Greek-Cypriot and Israeli cuisine, the fresh ingredients from the land and the sea and the cooking methods that preserve the high nutritional value together with a homely taste, create a different, delicious and healthy culinary experience with every meal anew.

In the kitchen, special attention is given to a healthy diet, reduced use of sugars and white flour, catering to vegetarians and vegans or those avoiding gluten.

The Secret Forest area
is an ecosystem

We grow a significant portion of the leaves, vegetables and fruits, extract olive oil from the local trees, produce traditional cheeses from the milk of goats that graze in the nearby village, prepare honey from local beehives, bake healthy whole-milled breads and make jams and sourdoughs.

We plan our guests will soon be able to enjoy a horse farm with guided nature walks, an art gallery and a creative and painting space surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, a (kosher) Traditional Greek tavern, an organic vineyard and more.

The 'Secret Forest' area consecrates the value of pluralism and unity.

We strive for each and every one to feel comfortable, in complete freedom, according to their faith and lifestyle. Those who choose to keep Shabbat and pray in the synagogue will be able to enjoy themselves to the same extent as those who choose to spend Shabbat at the pool, on a trip or exercising yoga. From our experience, opting for multiculturalism creates an exciting and joyful heartfelt connection, thus adding and contributing to the overall experience.

The vision of Yoni Kahana, founder and owner:

“Several years ago I was exposed to this unique place. The different frequency I felt, along with the history of medical tourism that has been taking place here for the past hundreds of years, captured my heart.

I realized that I have a mission in life to create a space here that is a ‘home within nature’, which allows each and every one to take a break, to be moved by the magic of nature during all seasons of the year, to go through a kind of restart in life, to connect inward and experience a true renewal of body and soul.

After spending years in the world of tourism and hotels, my dream today is to help even those who do not believe in their power to get well and regenerate to cultivate health consciousness, to give birth to regeneration and to fall in love with life.

As soon as you enter the ‘Secret Forest’ you can feel the unique energy of the place. As much as we will talk, converse or discuss – it won’t help: you have to come – be here -, to feel and understand. We are waiting for you with lots of love – in the forest.”