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Choose Life

In the aftermath of October 7th’s tragedies, this program offers a beacon of hope to those shattered by terror and loss.

Our Story

At Secret Forest, a place for spiritual renewal in the mountains of Cyprus, we witnessed the horrors of October’s devastating attacks on Israel and knew we wanted to help.

Amidst the chaos and grief, there was a clear, profound need for a space where healing could begin and the burden of trauma could be eased.

So, we transformed Secret Forest into a sanctuary for survivors. Partnering with dozens of leading therapists, we created a 5-day holistic wellness program to help those suffering process their pain and find the path to recovery.

“I realized that I have to do something for my brothers. When I see those groups arriving with sad dark eyes, and see them leaving with a spark of hope, I know I did the right thing, thank God”

— Yoni Kahana, Founder & CEO

Healing Journey

Our five-day program addresses the deep scars left by the terror of war. The holistic approach includes healing and touch therapies, guided breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, circle of listening, support groups, hydrotherapy, sound healing, meditative walks in nature, and more.

Each survivor can choose when and where to participate, while our therapists provide compassionate guidance, listening, and support. Everything is carefully designed to strengthening the wounded soul.


of Hope

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Your Support Makes a Difference

We’ve already hosted over 500 Nova survivors and 80 bereaved parents. Their transformations have been tangible: laughter replaced tears, music filled the silence, and shared stories marked the beginning of recovery.

For the first two weeks, Secret Forest management covered all the costs, complete with donations and volunteering. But to continue, we need your help.

Hosted: 300
Target: 950

Join Our Mission

We’re on a mission to host 950 bereaved parents by October 7th, 2024. Your contribution can bring those who’ve suffered unimaginable loss a renewed chance at life.

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