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Work Retreats


We blend the tranquillity of Cyprus' pristine wilderness with transformative corporate retreat experiences. Foster innovation, strengthen bonds, and rejuvenate your team's spirit amidst ancient groves and healing mineral springs.

Connected Colleagues & Business Breakthroughs

When you step away from the urban hustle into the serenity of the forest, barriers come down and communication opens up. Whether you’re a remote team meeting for the first time or an established office crew, our retreats produce tangible, long-lasting workplace benefits.

Corporate Packages
& Private Events

Discover the power of shared experiences in nature. From group yoga and meditation to mountain biking and educational workshops, each activity is designed to strengthen mind, body, and team spirit. Work with us to design the perfect getaway for your business goals.

Revitalise in
Nature’s Spa

Immerse in our ancient sulphuric thermal hot spa, a natural oasis for rejuvenation. Perfect for recharging weary leaders and reinvigorating hard-working teams, its therapeutic waters inspire clarity and creativity—and could be the catalyst for your organisation’s next big leap.

Uncover Secrets at Our
Unique Location

It’s luxury with a twist, where modern comfort meets spectacular countryside. Surrounded by lush greenery and nestled among orchards, hiking trails, magical waterfalls and traditional villages, our accommodation includes stunning rooms, suites, and villas.

Success Stories

Our retreats have helped hundreds of professionals renew their corporate vision and encouraged deeper, more meaningful relationships between employees. Hear first-hand how we’ve impacted teams of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.

Farm-to-Table: Team Dining Redefined

Indulge in fresh, chef-prepared meals from our organic garden. At Secret Forest, food is nourishment for the soul and fuel for strategic discussions. Plus, our wine cellar sets the stage for memorable evenings of camaraderie and creativity.

Great Deals on Group Bookings

With corporate discounts, special offers, and group pricing, now more of you can enjoy the Secret Forest experience for less. Mark your calendar and plan a game-changing retreat for your whole team.

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